Guangdong Dudao Technology Company Limited

Brand Profile

"DUDAO" is founded in 2014,it is a brand of Dongguan Huitou Industrial Co., Ltd. which focuses on producing smart mobile peripheral accessories. From day one, DUDAO provides his best professional and excellent technology to the market, up to now, he has produced main product lines of earphone, data cable, car charger, wall charger, mobile power bank, wireless charger, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth earphone,Bluetooth speakers and the like. The number of product models has been up to several hundreds for customer selection. DUDAO products have been also sold on the online platforms, like JD, Tmall, GOME, Amazon, Vipshop, Pinduoduo, and Anlaiye. Up to today, there have been more than 100 offline exclusive stores and more than 5000 counters in China which with a stable increase in every year.

Brand Introduction

"DUDAO" – derived from the Chinese idiom "Du Dao Zhi Chu", means different from others and unique attainments. "DUDAO" based on "the best quality, innovation and uniqueness" to satisfy the needs of dealers and consumers.

Brand Culture

"DUDAO" Logo is designed with yellow and black figures, yellow represents loyalty and hope, and the black represents elegancy and uniqueness. Brand personality is to own your personality, youth and extraordinary feeling.

Brand Purpose

Enterprise vision

"DUDAO" collects the wisdom of every team members, devote with the whole heart, and strive to build a famous enterprise and every member can feel proud and respect inside "DUDAO" family;

Brand mission

"DUDAO" mission is to provide consumers with best quality products and services as well;

Brand concept

Share the best quality, innovation and uniqueness products to the consumer;

Enterprise positioning

To design and produce smart mobile peripherals products;

Brand positioning

Smart mobile devices in the medium-and high-end market;